Agricultural Culture Collection of China (ACCC)

Establishes in 1980, Agricultural Culture Collection of China (ACCC) is one of the collections under China Committee for Culture Collections of Microorganisms (CCCCM).

It is a research and service collection for agricultural and scientific purposes with the joint task of scientific research and management of microbial collections.

ACCC collects and maintains agricultural cultures at the same time works to improve and develop preservation methods. It carries out research on characterization and genetic analysis of valuable strains, ultimately at their agricultural and industrial application.

Moreover, ACCC undertake national programs and provides inspection for microbial inoculant products. ACCC offers consultancy, information services, training courses in multi-fields.

ACCC has four laboratories focusing on bacteria and actinomycetes, fungi, rhizobai, edible fungi respectively and a managing group. It now contains more than 2000 strains and 1389 strains of its holdings are listed in "Catalogue of Agricultural Culture in China". Strains are kept both freeze-dried and in mineral oil slant cultures.


Prof. Ning Guozan (Curator of ACCC)
Prof. Guo Haoli (Vice curator of ACCC)


Agricultural Culture Collection of China
Institute of Soil and Fertilization
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
30 Baishiqiao Road, Beijing 100081
People's Republic of China

Telephone: 2176531-316
Telex: 222720 CAAS CN
Fax: 86-10-8316545